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N. V. Perricone Skincare Products

From frown lines to adult acne to rosacea to sun protection, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of The Wrinkle Cure and The Perricone Prescription, answers all your questions about skin care and aging prevention

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Dr. Perricone FAQ
N.V. Perricone M.D., Cosmeceuticals is the only line of skin healthcare products that is researched, created, patented by a board certified dermatologist research scientist. The line is based on the use of two powerful antioxidant regimes, vitamin C ester and alpha lipoic acid, which help reduce free radical damage, leaving your complexion healthier and more radiant.

What should I do for skin that's both dry and broken out? Will moisturizer make my acne worse, and will acne treatments make the dryness worse?

"You can treat acne without exacerbating dryness - and hydrate without clogging pores or causing more breakouts," says Dr. Perricone. If your skin tends to get too dry from most acne treatments, a lower percentage of active ingredients is probably in order. Dr. Perricone's new anti-acne line - Out Patient Therapy - is a good way to meet that need (expect to find 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide and 1-3% glycolic acid instead of the more traditional 5-10%).

To hydrate without inviting breakouts, use an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer, and - as counterintuitive as this may seem to someone who's acne-prone - don't cleanse with strong, oil-stripping products. "You'll only increase oil production," explains Dr. Perricone. Instead, wash with a mild, non-foaming, detergent-free, fragrance-free cleanser. Try N.V. Perricone Pore Refining Cleanser, $30.

I have enlarged pores. Is there any way to shrink them?

Unfortunately, you can't shrink large pores - but you can make them appear smaller by reducing any surrounding inflammation, according to Dr. Perricone. "Generally when pores are enlarged and clogged, they're surrounded by inflamed tissue," he explains. To address said swelling, try N.V. Perricone Pore Refining Concealer, $35.

How can I tell what kind of skin I have (normal, oily, dry, combo)?

Since skin rarely fits neatly into any one category, here are some guidelines from Dr Perricone: Normal skin exhibits a mild amount of oiliness in the T-zone and a bit of dryness in cheeks. For oily skin, the signs are excessive oiliness in the T-zone and/or cheeks. For dry skin, the main indicator is dryness in the T-zone. And combination skin is characterized by both excessive oiliness and dryness in several areas of the face.

If I've already damaged my skin (I've heard that something like 90% of your lifetime skin damage takes place by the time you're 18), aren't antiaging lotions pointless? I can't "undo" the damage, can I?

Research suggests otherwise, says Dr. Perricone: Topical anti-oxidants, for example, can neutralize the pollution and UV-induced free radicals that attack collagen. In fact, certain topical anti-oxidants - vitamins A and C, in particular - are known to increase collagen production (to the point of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, under the best of circumstances). And alpha lipoic acid, a metabolic antioxidant that helps skin repair itself, reduces scarring, discoloration, and inflammation. Then there's Dr. Perricone's proprietary DMAE, which has been clinically proven to firm skin and improve loss of tone.

What exactly is sensitive skin? Aren't people often wrong in assuming they have it? What types of products/ingredients should someone with sensitive skin look for or avoid? Are N.V. Perricone products gentle enough for sensitive skin?

Sensitive is a subjective term, and its definition is hardly a matter of medical consensus. But according to Dr. Perricone, one generally agreed-upon symptom is the tendency to experience inflammatory reactions (that may or may not include redness, itching, burning, and stinging) to a whole variety of products. If, however, you experience such a reaction to a specific product (or a particular kind of product), you don't have what dermatologists would deem sensitive skin. "Rather, you have an isolated sensitivity," says Dr. Perricone. Another condition that frequently gets confused with overall sensitivity, he notes, is rosacea - a redness and bumpiness combo that can be exacerbated by any number of factors, the most common of which include stress, certain illnesses and medications, external heat (whether from the sun, the sauna, or anything in between), the consumption of hot drinks, spicy food, alcohol, and dairy products.

Even if you do have truly sensitive skin, it doesn't necessarily relegate you to a lifetime of bland, inert products. Dr. Perricone believes you can use treatments that contain active ingredients, as long as you do preliminary test patches on your face or inner forearm. Here's how: Apply the treatment to the same area for three consecutive days. If there's no reaction, start applying according to the manufacturer's directions, but only every other day. (With each application, you want to give your skin a full 24-hours to react.) If there's still no reaction after a week, you've essentially gained clearance to use the product as anyone else would - not that there's any guarantee your skin won't react in the future (in which case you should, of course, stop using the product).

As for product specifics, the N.V. Perricone, M.D., Olive Oil line was created for sensitive skin, but not for ultra-sensitive skin. If you have ultra-sensitive skin (e.g., you've tried the patch test method and found that you're sensitive to pretty much everything), look for dye-free, fragrance-free, oil-free, detergent-free products - and ask your dermatologist for recommendations. Sensitive skin types may want to try: N.V. Perricone Olive Oil Polyphenols Gentle Cleanser, $35, N.V. Perricone Olive Oil Polyphenols Day Face Treatment, $85, N.V. Perricone Olive Oil Polyphenols Night Face Treatment, $85.

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Start looking and feeling younger today! Click here for your
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