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Skincare | Gel Facial Mask that Soothes Puffy Tired Eyes

Skincare | Gel Facial Mask that Soothes Puffy Tired Eyes

Gel Eye Mask - Reusable Cooling Eye Mask for Hot Cold Therapy Gel Mask that Soothes Puffy Tired Eyes, Dark Circles, Headaches, Hangovers, Sinus Pain or Bruising

  • ✅ ‎‏‏‎-Uses - Our gel face mask can be used as a hot or cold treatment to help soothe & relieve headaches, migraines or hangovers. It aids in reducing puffy or swollen eyes, irritated eyes from allergies, dark circles, tired or fatigued eye areas & dry eyes, or any kind of inflammation. Our cooling eye masks provide drug- free relief from sinus congestion, blepharitis, bruising pain or even after eye surgery. It also has therapeutic benefits, such as relaxation to aid in sleep & reducing stress.
  • ✅ -Easy To Use - ❄️ For a cold compress, refrigerate the mask for at least 1 hour before use. 🔥 For a warm compress, submerge the gel mask into warm water for 5 minutes. Simply fix the adjustable straps of the gel eye mask at your preferred comfort. One size fits all and is suitable for both men & women. Once secure, lie down, relax and allow it to work.
  • ✅ -Why Choose Us? -Designed with advanced gel technology, our masks use temperature therapy to help with pain relief. Unlike most other eye masks, our mask is also filled with more gel so it’ll stay hot or cold for longer (up to 30 minutes). The soft material is latex-free and easily conforms to the contours of your face. Its large size ensures comfort but also allows more contact with your eyes, cheeks, forehead, nose and temples. The Hangover Mask also comes with a free travel case.

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