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Salon & Spa Equipment | Hot Towel Warmer, UV Sterilization

Salon & Spa Equipment | Hot Towel Warmer, UV Sterilization

Product description

ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer, UV Sterilization, Allows for Mask Sterilization, Extra Large Capacity, Two Stainless Steel Racks

Premium Hot Towel Warmer UV Sterilizer heats to 180°F in about thirty minutes, no thermostat needed, and features UV sterilizer to keep towels clean and fresh. The UV sterilizer will also sterilize medical masks to help to remove germs and contaminants.

The large capacity holds 24 ForPro 100% Cotton Washcloths. It includes a water-drip tray and two stainless steel racks that will not rust. The well-insulated cabinet stays cool when on all day. It can also be used for hot packs, neck warmers, and massage stones.

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