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Makeup Sale | Cream Eye Shadow Pencils were $12.00 Now $6.00

Makeup Sale | Cream Eye Shadow Pencils were $12.00 Now $6.00

Colosé - Swiss Made
Colosé Cream Eye Shadow Pencils
Complement your eye color with subtle, shimmering pastel tones. Especially creamy texture nurtures your skin. The color is long-lasting and blends well. Contains Mica, a natural white pearly pigment powder to achieve "the best look". The pearly pigment gives special effects to your eyes as it produces different glints according to exposure to light. Due to its safe and non-irritant composition, the Colosé eye shadow pencils are suitable for all users.

13600 Lilas
Lilac / Silver

13610 Marron
Brownish / Silver

13640 Sahara
Gold / Silver

13630 Vert
Green / Silver

Price: $12.00

Colosé Eye Shadow Pencils

Lilas Cream EyeShadow

Marron Cream EyeShadow

Sahara Cream EyeShadow

Vert Cream EyeShadow

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