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Makeup Brushes | Sephora Collection Roll It Up PRO Brush Set

Makeup Brushes | Sephora Collection Roll It Up PRO Brush Set


Makeup Brushes   

What it is: A set of eight Sephora PRO brushes for a full-face look, conveniently stored in a portable, zippered brush roll.

What Else You Need to Know: 
This zipper brush roll has five individual pouches that can be detached to customize your set and packed away with ease. New PRO Complexion Fan #54 is for applying foundation, contouring, and blending blush. PRO Foundation 47 can apply foundation evenly for a natural finish. It offers better control and coverage than fingertip application. PRO Contour 79 is ideal for applying highlight and contour. The tapered head offers precision in smaller areas of the face. It is best used with powder highlighters. PRO Precison Concealer 45 is for blemish coverage with no streaks. The flat, tapered shape fits the contours under the eye, around nose, and brows. PRO Shadow 14 precisely applies sheer layers of color. PRO Tapered Crease 19 can deliver product evenly and smoothly to the creases of the eyes. PRO Brow 20 is ideal for all brow shapes, and for creating a trendy, bold brow look. The angled edge helps maintain precision, while the spoolie end helps to groom and brush the brow powder and also can be used for Mascara. PRO Tapered Liner 33 allows you to create the perfect liner effect with control and precision.

This Set Contains:
- NEW PRO Complextion Fan #54
- PRO Foundation brush #47
- PRO Contour brush #79
- PRO Precision Concealer brush #45
- PRO Shadow brush #14
- PRO Tapered Crease brush #19
- PRO Brow brush #20
- PRO Tapered Liner brush # 33
- Zippered brush roll pouch


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