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Sale Colosè Sun Garde Pearl White Lip Balm | Skin Care

Suitable for all types, especially recommended to prevent problems such as dryness and cracking, chapped lips, lip furrows and cold sores.

Brief Description:
This lip care stick is similar to the lipstick, but with an extra sun screen agent. An ideal protection and care product at the beach and on a mountain tour.

It is an ideal lip care to be used also on the beach or on a mountain tour. During the day the invisible protective barrier provided by the Colosé lip balm prevents the lips against dryness and sunburns.

Sunscreen Application Tip: When you take care of your face, don't stop at the chin: The skin on your neck can be thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your face and just as prone to changes in pigment, elasticity, texture and, also wrinkles. When applying sunscreen to your face, keep going, covering your neck and even your chest. (Spread some on the backs of your hands, too―another vulnerable area.) A separate neck cream is not necessary. Your day and night face moisturizers, as well as most treatment creams, should work just as well on your neck. If you use products containing alpha hydroxy acids or retinols, you should do a spot-test first.

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