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Hemp and Hyaluronic Day Cream | Infuse Botanicals

Hemp and Hyaluronic Day Cream | Infuse Botanicals

Azure Skincare

AZURE Hemp & Hyaluronic Ultra Nourishing Day Cream - Moisturizing, Rejuvenating & Anti Aging | Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines | Restores Tired & Dehydrated Skin

Azure ultra nourishing day treatment is infused with 100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil & extracts which are rich in Omega Fatty Acids, Gamma Linolenic Acids, Vitamin E and Antioxidants that help tired, dull and dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid has strong hydrating and anti-aging benefits, locking in moisture to make your skin smooth and supple. Used Regularly, their Day Cream helps to protect your skin from free radicals, diminishing signs of aging, leaving you feeling revitalized, fresh and hydrated.

  • Natural Skin Moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated, nourished and soothed for acne, dry, normal, mature and combination skin
  • Provides long lasting moisturization without clogging pores
  • 100% Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Quick and easy application - After Cleansing face, apply to face and neck and allow to absorb
  • Made in Korea
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