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Taking care of your skin can be an easy task.  For most people just a few minutes everyday with your skincare routine can do wonders.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding face masks that people have sent in.

  I have combination skin, my pores are clearly visible, will getting a certain facial help reduce the size of my pores?
  Facials that contain Clay (Kaolin) or sea weed or ocean/sand grains will help remove the deep down impurities and reduce the size of your pores. A toner that helps open pores, remove dirt and dead skin and then reopen the pores should follow your facial.  You can’t get rid of your pores, but you can help reduce the appearance of them. If refining your pores is a primary skin care concern for you, using a clay mask can help minimize them. You can have professional facials done, which can be costly, or you can do your own facial at home. When people do facials at home they are called Mask treatments.  For reducing pores I would recommend using a Clay Mask two times a week.   It is also very important to have a daily cleansing routine to keep your pores clean and free of the dirt and make-up that cause pores to be more visible.