Red Is My Love by Elke Von Freudenberg

"Red is My Love" By Elke Von Freudenberg

Red is my love beauty a red, red rose.....
The color red is hotter than ever. And what better way to incorporate red than in your makeup? Red is one of the most dramatic makeup colors you can wear. It gets attention, you stand out in the crowd, and it's also the most misused, misunderstood color in the makeup field.

Let's take the mystery out of red.

LIPS: The first thing we think of is red lips. Yet, it can either look great, or horrible. What red works for you? An easy way to tell is to really look at that shade of lipstick.

All lipsticks have an undertone, or a color that is seen underneath the red. In red lipsticks, it can only be an undertone of:

yellow/orange (warm)
pink/blue/purple (cool)

or brown (neutral)

Yellow and orange undertones make red lipstick warm in tone, and work great for nearly all skin tones. It warms up the complexion, makes the skin tone look clear!

Pink, blue and purple undertones make the tone cool, and look best on those with light skin and cool undertones to their hair and skin.

Brown undertones are considered universal, because they look great on everyone.

What would look best on you?

Look at your skin tone, but ignore any red in your skin. Red is considered a discoloration, not a skin tone. The more yellow or brown you see in your skin, the more likely you'll like the warmer tones.

Is there an absence of yellow, or are you fairly pale? You'll like the cool undertones.

Still not sure? Then decide on the characteristic of the color you like better.

Warm colors always look softer, lighter, more romantic.

Cool colors will always look dramatic, sharp, clear.

What kind of a look are you looking for?

The newest way to wear red lipstick? Dabbed on as a tint with a slick of gloss over it, and without that precision lip line. More natural, and more real looking.

CHEEKS: Red is also hot for blush, but in a soft, see-through way. Applied on the apples of the cheeks always looks fresh, healthy, happy.

Smile, and dab a dot of red lipstick or cream blush. Blend in a circular motion, toward your ear. Set with a dusting of loose powder if needed.

Feeling overwhelmed by red? Play it safe. Stick to one favorite feature, and keep the rest nude, soft, shimmering. And pretty soon, red will be your love.

CREDIT BYLINE: Article written by E. Von Freudenberg, Editor of The Beauty Newsletter: Ms. Von Freudenberg is also  a top celebrity makeup artist whose work has been seen in Allure, W, Rolling Stone, Paper, Detour and many more.  

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