Faberge Collectible Eggs

Faberge eggs were produced by Peter Carl Fabergé in Russia, mainly as Easter gifts for the Russian aristocracy from 1885 to 1917, during the reign of Tsar Alexander III and Nicholas II. They're beautiful, they're expensive and no two eggs are the same.

Peter Carl Fabergé-Style Heirloom Porcelain Musical Egg

Fortune's Smile Musical Egg

Peter Carl Fabergé-style musical egg with 22K gold accents, over 80 hand-set jewels. Jeweled elephant figure in center. Plays "Beautiful Dreamer"

Peter Carl Fabergé-Style Porcelain Egg For Daughter

Daughter, Wherever Life Takes You Music Box
Heirloom Porcelain® music box. 22K gold-plating, hand-set jewels, hand-enameled butterflies, sentiment. Plays "You Are So Beautiful."