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 The Roaring 20's Are Coming Back!

Welcome to The New Roaring 20s

The next couple years will present you with a unique window of opportunity. The Renaissance Period emerged from the Bubonic Plague. The Roaring 20s emerged from the Spanish Flu. And now, as we emerge from a new crisis, The Roaring 20s are coming back. This is a cyclical pattern of history.

When humans endure a major crisis, it alters our way of living and forever changes our needs. Once we emerge, we begin making up for lost time, rethinking about what is important, and pursuing new lifestyles. Meanwhile, competitors work behind closed doors, developing new products, new services and new partnerships. When the new world begins to crystalize, market leaders change, the deck gets reshuffled, and we get to experience how chaos creates both risk AND opportunity.

The Roaring 20's Are Coming Back

In these time periods of rapid change, consumer trends are your secret weapon. Trends provide you with a language of clues to decipher emerging needs, shifts in opportunity, and changes in consumer behavior. Trends become a CEO-level ‘problem’ and your unique solution, because suddenly, every organization needs to evaluate if they have the right products, right markets and right services. By spending time to read this report, you are taking a first step towards understanding the new world of 2022. Decipher where the world is headed, and you will lead yourself and your team to new fields of opportunity. Let’s do this!

Let’s Create The Future.

Jeremy Gutsche CEO of Trend Hunter NY Times Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker –

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