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Cleansers and Toners - Remove bacteria, makeup, oil and dirt.  Using a facial cleanser is an essential part of your basic skin-care routine. There are several kinds of cleansers and removers available today. We can take care of all your basic facial needs. We have everything from sensitive, dry, deep pore cleansers to hydrating cleansers.

Double cleansing requires washing your face not once but twice. One cleansing simply doesn’t do enough regardless of whether you wear a little or a lot of makeup. You need to cleanse twice to ensure that all of the grime, dirt, and pollution that has built up on the surface of your skin is properly removed, along with any makeup you applied at the start of your day.

Washing only once will just remove surface dirt, but add a second cleanse and suddenly you can actually penetrate your pores, flushing out any leftover dirt and sebum that may remain.

To start, try using an oil cleanser, which will help to dissolve any makeup, pollution, and sebum that sits on the surface of your skin. Next, use a water-based cleanser to help remove any water-based impurities such as dirt, sweat, or other nasty substance. When combined, this one-two punch should help to penetrate your skin and allow any active ingredients in your cleanser to work uninterrupted.