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Blue Mascara

Blue Mascara

Colorful Eyelash Mascaras Thick Mascara Eye Makeup Lengthening No Clumping Mascara Professional Eye Cosmetics

  • Lengthening mascara can last all day without falling off and fading. It is the perfect long-lasting mascara.
  • Thick mascara has a high degree of color rendering, making eyelashes fuller and thicker, providing feathery eyelashes.
  • No clump mascaras cream can be smoothly applied to the roots of the eyelashes layer by layer to make the eyelashes smooth and full-bodied, without clumping and sticking together.
  • Colored eyelash mascara comes in 5 colors, from dark and glamorous black to vibrant blue, to make your makeup look a kaleidoscope.
  • Fiber mascara color can be slightly different due to different lighting and display.
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