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Eye Blender or Eye Shader Brushes are soft, fluffy, natural hair brushes with long bristles designed to blend eye shadow eliminate lines of demarcation on the lids after applying multiple shades.  It is also great for applying powder to set corrector, concealer or foundation around the eyes or over blemish cover.

Eye Shader Brush - a wide, flat-head brush that can gently sweep eye shadow color over the entire lid, from lash line to the brow bone.

Eye Shadow Brush - Wide enough to cover about half the eyelid.  This brush has natural, soft, rounded bristles with beveled edges that deposit a sweep of shadow across the lower lid without leaving any harsh line.

Eye Smudger Brush - A small head brush with a slightly rounded point.  This brush has soft, flexible bristles that help smudge liner to create a smokey look

Eyelash Comb - This has straight, stiff fine teeth and is designed to separate lashes immediately after applying mascara (while the lashes are still wet).  Mascara wands work just as well and are more convenient.

Eyeliner Brush - This small brush has very short, dense bristles cut on an angle.  It is designed to use with shadow to strengthen thin brows or as an alternative to an eyeliner brush.

Eyeliner Brush (Ultra Fine) The bristles on this small brush are synthetic dense and curve to a point.  Perfect for the precise application of liquid or gel eyeliner.