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Laura Geller Cosmetics

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Laura Geller Makeup

Create the ultimate smooth and flawless face with Laura Geller makeup. Known for Italian-made baked cosmetics, Laura Geller captures pigments and tones like none other.

Embrace the canvas of your skin by building upon a flattering foundation. Opt for buildable coverage with a rich anti-oxidant foundation that provides an oil-free finish. This type of foundation nourishes the skin with white tea and botanicals, all while providing long-lasting wearability. Another option is the foundation stick, which doubles as foundation and concealer. The blendable shades are convenient and can be carried anywhere, so you’re never far from a touch-up when needed.

More than just foundation, the baked color correcting foundation is an innovative alternative to traditional foundation. Featuring SPF 15 protection, the swirled pigments leave the skin feeling smooth and even, not to mention soft and supple thanks to the nourishing antioxidants. It’s a wonderful paraben-free and mineral oil-free option for those that adore Laura Geller makeup.

When it comes to eye makeup, baked eye shadow offers a fusion of colors unsurpassed in traditional eye shadows. As with all of the baked products, the formulas begin as liquid, infused with color that is then baked until set. This method results in long-lasting colors that give the skin a healthy glow. Choose from single, marbled eye shadow or a coordinating palette for more variety, and don’t forget to complete the application with waterproof mascara, eye brightener powder, and eyeliner.

Priming is an important step in makeup application that is often overlooked, or at least considered as an afterthought. Applying primer allows the makeup to set, helping it cling to the skin for a full day of continuous wear. Options for primer include the standard under makeup primer, lip and eye spackle, or an all-in-one spackle that primes the face, lips, and eyes to prevent color fading and feathering.

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