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Blush Makeup

Blush can be one of your best friends or one of your worse enemies.  It can bring a wonderful glow if applied correctly.

Cream Blush - Cream blush is especially good for mature women with dryer skin. This makeup blush adds another layer of protection, nourishment and beauty to your face. To apply blush color, dot the cream blush on your cheek bone. Use a sponge or makeup brush to blend up and out in circular motion into the apple and cheekbone area. Blend the cream blush into your hairline.

Blush and Lipstick - Always match your lipstick to your blush. Red lipstick and apricot blush do not work. Stick to these matches: Red lipstick: reddish or pink blush. Rose lipstick: rose blush. Pink lipstick: pink blush. Coral or apricot lipstick: peachy toned blush. Brown toned lipstick: bronze shades of blush with the same undertones as the lipstick.