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Better Than Boujee
A real boujee can’t be bought and knows that money is just a formality. We like our labels just as much as we like a deal. Further, we are so rooted in our spirit and confidence that you can’t shake us. So, no Uncle Earl I WOULD NOT LIKE to eat outside during the cookout, I hate bugs, so I’ll return after I’m finished eating.
It took a long time for me to realize that I didn’t need to try to be exactly like my family. The MAGIC in me came from introducing them to new ideas and expecting nothing less than greatness. Imagine that, the boujee sister just put you on to a new dope way of thinking. For the longest, I thought I was the weird one, and I then realized I am! I am also the light that nobody expected, me and all my boujee glory.

People pretending to (or think they are) high class but they’re really not (or don’t realize they aren’t.)

Example 1: That bitch wit a Louis Vuitton bag and designer glasses complaining about her expired coupons at Target is bougie.

Example 2: The hoes who go wine tasting but still live with their parents are bougie.

Example 3: When that direct deposit hit the bank today and you act boujee like you just didn't have $3.98 yesterday!
Example 4:  My BF told me he had been drinking my evian Natural Spring Water and filling the empties up with tap water.  Now that's boujee! 

Now lets have some fun! Do you have a boujee story or quip?  If so please send it in and we will publish it.

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No Fragrance is possible without perfume.  It is unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory... Coco Chanel



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Let me adjust my crowns and
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