Tips and Advice: Make-Up Bronzer

Tips and Advice: Make-Up Bronzer

The goal with bronzer is not to make you look like you have a tan; it is to give your skin a beautiful hint of color.   Bronzer will help you look younger as you age.  Adding color to your cheeks and skin will add life and glow to your face and easily take a few years off.  You do not need more color than three and preferably two shades darker than your skin's natural color.

Tips and Advice: Make-Up Bronzer

1. Pressed Powder Bronzer Use a pressed powder bronzer for a lightly-toasted look. Wet the powder bronzer and it transforms into a sheer cream that glides on to add intense color to eyes, lips, and face. For a sun-kissed sheen, dab a small bit of bronzer powder on your forehead, chin and nose. Make sure it doesn't look like a stripe. You can also apply a bronzer to your shoulders and neckline to warm up your skin and enhance a tan. Bronzers are perfect for year-round sun-kissed radiance. Some bronzers have a herbal or floral scent and a light sunscreen. 

2. Sunless Tanner and Bronzer Get a healthy-looking glow instantly with a sunless tanner and bronzer. A sheer bronzer provides a hint of immediate, temporary, natural - looking color. A good bronzer allows you to see where you've applied it to help eliminate mistakes. A sunless tanner and bronzer looks and fades like a real tan. Some bronzers are oil-free and absorb and dry in less than 5 minutes. 

3. Deep Tanning Bronzer Some bronzers instantly provide a deep, rich, robust tan. These bronzers are designed for people who want to darken their existing tan dramatically and contain coffee bean extracts. A good bronzer contains triclosan to help eliminate bacteria that can cause after-tanning odor. Quality bronzers are enriched with Vitamins E and C to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Some bronzers contain sunscreens. 

4. Aerosol Bronzers Bronzers come in pressed powder, liquid or aerosol form. An aerosol bronzer is lightweight and oil free, contains vitamins and botanicals, and can be applied over foundation or used alone. An aerosol bronzer can create an instant airbrushed radiance. 

5. A fresh and natural look in makeup would be wearing a tinted moisturizing cream, a light blush or bronzer for your cheeks, a light coating of mascara and lipgloss. Let your natural beauty show through! 

6. Bronzer Tanning Lotion Bronzers are an excellent makeup tool for women on the go. Apply a bronzer tanning lotion sparingly around hairline and eyebrows. Wash the bronzer off your hands with soap and water immediately and avoid contact with clothing until the bronzer is dry. Wait one hour before bathing or swimming. A sunless tan develops in two to four hours and lasts for days. Reapply the bronzer as needed to maintain or deepen color. Some bronzers come in SPF 20. 

Brush On Bronzing Powder - With a circular motion, lightly coat the brush end with bronzing powder. 
Cheekbone Using a circular motion, start powder application on the cheek apple and brush on bronzing powder back to meet the hairline. (Smile while applying; this brings out the cheek shape for easier application). Reapply to create stronger color intensity and cheekbone shaping.
Jawline Using a circular motion, apply bronzing powder onto jaw line and brush down below chin. This effect defines the jawbone for a stronger facial profile and defined chin shape.
Forehead Using a circular motion, apply bronzing powder above eyebrow and gently brush outward on forehead down onto temple area. Apply over both eyebrows. This effect provides contour for a stronger facial profile and shape.
Nose and Lip Using the brush side, brush down lightly applying bronzer to each side of the nose and under the lower lip. This effect will thin the nose shape and make the lips appear larger.

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