Mascara and Eye Lash Extensions

Mascara and Eye Lash Extensions

What Mascara Color Makes Eyes Pop?

When it comes to mascara and eye lash extensions, unlike with most other color cosmetics, there aren’t many shade options. You’ve got brown and you’ve got black. Of course, the more avant-garde ladies and gents out there may go for some radical hues, but most of you are stuck between the two basic mascara shades.

Blue Mascara

If you want to be better than boujee, we recommend exploring blue, green and gray options for a fun and fabulous look.  See Blue Mascara

Which Mascara Shade Flatters Your Skin Tone and Hair Color?

At the most basic level, if you’re trying to choose between black and brown mascara for daily wear, you want to choose what looks most natural alongside your skin and hair.

If you’re fair-skinned and have blonde or red hair with naturally pale lashes, brown mascara is the most natural way of emphasizing your lashes. Lighter lashes allow better color variation choices like blue, green and gray. Anyone with darker hair, regardless of skin tone, should stick to black mascara so the lashes don’t fade into the rest of the face or use eye lash extensions.

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