How to get rid of Bruises, Broken Blood Vessels and Reduce Skin Discoloration


Bruises and Broken Blood Vessels Creams

Bruises, also known as contusions, are caused by broken blood vessels under the surface of your skin. Typically, bruises are caused by falling, bumping into things, or getting hit with an object like a ball. While bruises fade over time, there are a few things you can do to speed up the healing process.

You may want to ice the bruise and if the bruise is below the level of the heart, lay on the couch with leg elevated or arm propped up on armrest.


After 24 hours apply moist heat with a moist warm washcloth

Massage the area around the bruise not directly on the bruise.

Get more vitamin C which increases the amount of collagen around blood vessels

Spread Vitamin K cream over the area.  Vitamin K can stop the bleeding as it causes your blood to clot.  Since we are in the skincare business we will focus on vitamin C and K creams. Before the bruise is faded away you may want to try a concealer.

Bren New York, which is our brand, manufactures a vitamin K cream for bruises and broken blood vessels: 

Bren New York Vitamin K Cream
Vitamin K Cream with Hemp Seed Oil

Vitamin K Cream


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