Black verses Brown Mascara What Should I Use? Tips and Tricks by Makeup Coach Jenna Williams

Black Vs. Brown Mascara

Should I Wear Black or Brown Mascara?

When it comes to mascara, unlike with most other cosmetics, there aren’t many shade options. You’ve got brown and you’ve got black. Of course, the more avant-garde ladies and gents out there may go for some radical hues, but most of you are stuck between the two basic mascara shades.

So which mascara color should you choose? We’ll help break it down so your decision’s a little easier to make!

Which mascara shade flatters your skin tone and hair color?

At the most basic level, if you’re trying to choose between black and brown mascara for daily wear, you want to choose what looks most natural alongside your skin and hair.

If you’re fair-skinned and have blonde or red hair with naturally pale lashes, brown mascara is the most natural way of emphasising your lashes. Anyone with darker hair, regardless of skin tone, should stick to black mascara so the lashes don’t fade into the rest of the face.

Do lashes need to match your brows?

Not at all. Most people's lashes are naturally darker than their brows. Whether you have brown or blonde brows, black mascara can look perfectly fine. 

Black is the mascara color of choice for everyone looking to make a statement. A bold, sexy black lash never hurt anyone, and it’s the only real option for creating a high-drama look.


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