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1. How to eliminate age or dark spots on face and hands

Facial spots occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin, a pigment that creates hair, skin, and eye color. Melanin protects the body by absorbing ultraviolet light. In hyperpigmentation, the body produces too much melanin, causing skin to become darker than usual.

Scientists don´t currently have answers as to why spots occur but they have found that in some cases there are tangible causes, such as sun exposure, drug reactions or genetic inheritance.

With the proper skin care regiment, age spot removal or the diminishing of spots is possible. The first step is to keep the face from the sun.

A simple solution is to wear a hat when going out doors.

Another solution is to wear products on your face that keep the sun from damaging the skin. Manufacturers are now adding sun block to almost all foundations.

If you already have age spots on your skin a good product to use is a cream or moisturizer with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are fruit acids thatrejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells. Glycolic acid is the alpha hydroxy acid most frequently used for facial treatments but lactic and citric acid are also useful. Of course, lactic acid doesn't come from fruit - it comes from milk.

AHA preparations are recommended for those whose skin is showing signs of aging, fine lines, brown marks and dry spots such as solar keratoses which are rough scaly spots on sun-damaged skin.

I recommend Colosé Treatment Cream with AHA. Made in Switzerland, Colosé Skin Care is one of the top skin care lines in Europe and has been chosen the last three years as the cosmetic of choice in the Miss Finland Beauty Pageant.

M.D. Forte Skin Rejuvenation Lotion II also provides advanced correction for environmentally damaged skin. High levels of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, with Vitamins A and E, help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin hydration, texture and tone, and promote healthier-looking skin - all without irritation. Provides antioxidant protection against future skin damage.


Cream with AHA
50 ml

M.D. Forte
Skin Rejuvenation Lotion II

30 ml


Other products designed to lighten skin discoloration and pigmentation:

Bren Cosmetics
Skin Lightening Complex
3.5 oz.

Physicians Complex
6% Skin Bleaching Cream
2 oz


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