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Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Care

Katrina VanDoran

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Im an African American female with combination skin (my forehead and around the nose is oily) what brand of facial cleanser (moisturizer...etc) do you recommend?

I recommend Colosé Cleansing Milk and toner and a good moisturizer for combination skin is Colosé Milk of Papaya.

How can I cover up or camouflage acne scars on my arms, chest, and shoulders with out rubbing off on clothes?

Because cosmetics are meant to be removed, and you know that they easily come off of your face, I would think that any camouflage cream or concealer would rub off on your clothes. Other than laser surgery you should try a skincare cream such as a microdermabrasion cream containing alpha hydroxy acids. AHA's exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates natural collagen production, minimizes pores, improves texture of rough, damaged skin, helps to even out skin discolorations and normalizes oily, acne, troubled skin. So rather than using a concealing makeup under of near your clothes, I would try the skincare cream first. I also recommend using Colosé Satin Body Lotion on your acne scars. It is a moisturizing lotion containing pearlescent pigments. It produces optical effects and contains active ingredients with a quick penetration. The pearlescent pigments produce a soft satin appearance which diminishes the appearance of cellulite and coves blemishes such as wrinkles and small lines, stretch marks, cellullite and minor scars. These two products should help in decreasing the appearance of your acne scars without using a concealer near your clothes.

I am an africian american woman. I am 49 years old. My skin is bright on cheek, neck, chest and dark around eyes, mouth, right side of face. What can I do to help my skin from being dry and scaley around crease of nose. I`ve tried different types of moisterizers, toners, lotions and creams. None of them works well for me. I spend to much money on products that do not work. Can you help me?

When skintone is uneven a simple daily skincare routine with regular exfoliation and massage will improve the tone and texture. You may also find a specific eye treatment like Colose Gel Magique or Eye Cream with collagen used before a moisturizer will help to even out skintone. I recommend the following products for you in regard to skintone: Cleansing Milk, Cream with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Eye Cream. To help your skin from being dry and scaley around the nose use a moisturizer such as Milk of Calendula.

Is it bad to mix product brands? Example: Mary Kay Cleanser, Clinique Moisturizer, Loreal Eyeshadow, Estee Lauder Powder?


I have a small patch of red skin on my face. My doctor told me that it`s a cluster of blood vessels and that it most likely will not go away. I`ve tried covering it with make-up, but sometimes that makes the redness worse. Do you have any suggestions to make the redness less noticeable? I would really appreciate it!

Many of the smaller spots and skin lesions of the face are easily removed with lasers. These include small blood vessels on the face, small brown spots or age spots, and freckles and freckle-like spots on the face and elsewhere. Colosé Milk of Calendula has been known to decrease the appearance of blood vessels. Calendula reduces redness. For a quick fix and to make the blood vessels less noticeable, concealer is your best choice. There are several brands out there, but the one I recommend is Colosé Cream Powder Concealer. It is great for minor skin imperfections and dark circles under the eyes.

Is there any way I can fade away my scars on my legs? Maybe some sort of a homemade recipe or a product I can find in a store. Thank You.

Other than time fading scars, I know of no homemade recipe that will do so. You should consider a treatment cream containing alpha hydroxy acids as the acids beautify the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and improving the texture of rough, damaged skin. Colosé has a cream with AHAs that we recommend.

Everyone bugs me because I am fat and ugly. My face is full of pimples and I am 17 years old. I want to look really pretty just like a sexy model. Please help me out. I will be very thankful to you. I want to die because of my ugliness. Help me out!

Your statement is very alarming. If you are serious that you want to die then immediately call a crisis prevention center in your town. I know it is very easy for an outsider to just say "get a grip" but the two problems that are making you upset are very fixable if you make up your mind to take control of your life. Beauty within, your attitude, is more important than physical beauty. So because you are young and I assume healthy other than being over weight I suggest that you engage in some exercise activity such as swimming at the Y, riding a bicycle - you must set some time during the day for exercise. Make a plan and follow it, write out a schedule. Rather than eating something sweet, make some popcorn. Watch what you eat, buy a calorie book, write down the calories of your "soothing food" and when you get the urge to eat junk food THINK first. If you cannot do this yourself, then join a group such as weight watchers. You will make friends in the group who will support you.

Next you must get into a cleansing routine to decrease the pimples. The first week will not be easy as you will see little results. When you start to use cleansing products made especially for pimple prone skin the impurities deep within the skin are drawn to the surface so that you may first get more pimples before they start to disappear, usually within 5 to 7 days. Just stay with it. Stop using soap on your face and buy a cleansing lotion for acne prone skin. If you cannot afford the top brand products available just go to the drugstore and at least buy something like Aloe Vera lotion as this is rich in vitamins and rejunvenates the skin. Read our article on Acne. This may sound wierd to you but you can actually use the cleansing wipes for babies bottoms on your face. They are basically water, aloe vera and vitamin E and very handy to use when your face is feeling oily. Only $3.79 for 80 which should last you about a month. There are less expensive ones, but you should get the ones that list vitamin E in the ingredients. Also purchase a concealer and here I do recommend the Colose Cream Powder Concealer. It is an excellent product!

The last thing I hope you do is to change your attitude. Everything in the teen years seems to be a crisis, but it is just a passing phase. There are actually very few people latter in life that still consider their high school aquaintances as friends that they hang out with. People tend to hang out with their relatives or new friends either made at work or through their own children's activities where they meet parents with similar interest. The people who are "bugging you now" because of your appearance are really only trying to cover up their own flaws by pointing out yours. Truly you do not want to be like them. They are very shallow and immature and most will not do well in life. You should view them as losers in the big picture. Be kind to everyone and you will soon have more friends than you need! And please, if you are still feeling very upset about yourself find someone to talk to!

I have light skin. I have purple spots under my eyes, even if I get enough sleep. Do you have any suggestions for them? And do you have an easy how to conceal a pimple, say on your nose. Thanks! Brittany

It is possible that the purple spots are a result of clogged pores, something you may want to mention to a dermatologists just to be sure. You should start a skincare routine for skin prone to acne and this should solve the issue of pimples and purple spots. In the meantime you can conceal the purple spots with Colosé cream powder concealer. Be careful though in trying to conceal a pimple as you can only conceal the surrounding tissue redness. Putting a large amount of concealer on a pimple may only enhance it.


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