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Our Make-up Guru, Katrina VanDoran answers questions about make-up and skincare sent in by readers just like you! If you have a question, you can contact Katrina at

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What color should a blue eyed woman wear when she`s wearing a black dress?

You have several options but I think the most elegant would be to go with the smokey eyes look. For summer, start with a medium blue shadow from the bottom of your eyelid to the crease. (Colose Marine Eyeshadow) Next apply a gray shadow on the outer half of your eyelid, from the bottom of the lid to the crease, kind of smudging with your finger. Line the top and bottom lashes slightly past outer corners with a black kohl pencil. Smudge liner with a cotton swab. If you're looking for something a little more advanced, before applying black mascara, apply a purple/mauve eye shadow from the lid to the crease, (instead of blue) becoming less intense toward the outer corners.

What color makeup do you wear with blue eyes and reddish brown hair?

You should use a sheer foundation or even a tinted sunscreen. There are several choices for you to make your blue eyes stand out. You can use golds, copper, browns and smokey greys. Our gold make-up stick is just that added touch to make your blue eyes jump out. Use black eyeliner and mascara. Your lips can be a pinky-peach or you can try a red hue with a brown undertone. Try our light cream rouge instead of powder blush to complete the look.

I am part Asian and American Indian, I have a hard time picking our the right color foundation, I either get to dark or to light. What should I do?

The short answer would be to combine your light foundation with your dark foundation to create a new color. There is a foundation color for you, but you will just have to keep experimenting to find the right one. Colosé Cosmetics are very popular in Taiwan and their number one foundation color in Taiwan is Caprice.

What color makeup to wear with red bridesmaid dress and having blue eyes?

Your make-up colors should match your skintone, not the dress. For lips please read the newsletter article, "Red Is My Love". It will explain the undertone colors of red lipsticks. Your face should look natural as it should not be competing with your red dress. You will want to wear a shear foundation, translucent powder and a creamy rouge rather than powder blush. If it is a summer wedding you may want to use a bronzing powder. For blue eyes I suggest: daytime - a blue with a white color shadow that blends for a subtle look. I would recommend a gray eyeliner to match the above colors, or black for an evening wedding; evening eyes: choose a deeper blue (darker than your eye color) mixed with a gray will provide a smoky effect and a black mascara for day or evening.

How can I apply makeup to look gothic when I have light red hair?


Achieving Goth is more of an attitude than a make-up style. Done badly, Gothic make-up can look painfully stupid. It is a high maintenance endeaver.

First you will want your face to look pale, not made up with a lot of white make-up. Use a very light (pale) creamy foundation and apply a light color translucent powder. Do not over powder your face and do not stop your make-up at your jaw line. With this look you must be able to blend very well down your neck. Use a soft black (charcoal) or deep auburn liquid eyeliner on your eyelids. You can use a charcoal eyeliner pencil on your lips as a lipliner.

Find a shade of lipstick that everyone is not wearing. Perhaps a deep purple rather than blood red. Also, use the same color on your long nails. Take a look at our Myrtille color lipstick and nail polish. ( If you decide to go with the soft black colors, our Orient color eye shadow would also look very good on you.

You want to strive to look like a natural, beautiful Goth, not someone going out for Halloween.

Just recently I wore make up to a party. As soon as I got home from the party I washed my face to get rid of all the gunk. Later in the afternoon after I woke up my eyes felt slighty heavy. My eyelids, above and under my eyes looked wrinkled. I used Johnson Baby shampoo and a warm wash cloth to srub the area. This is the third time that this has happened to me. Is it caused by the brand of makeup or am I just allergic to it?

I do not think this is an allergy to your eye make-up because the area around the eye would be puffy and probably red. Perhaps the eye make-up is drying out the thin skin around the eyes. Next time try washing with a cleansing milk or cleansing cream and applying a moisturizer around your eyes afterward. I do not know of anyone washing their face with baby shampoo so I cannot give you any advice on that. But be gentle with your skin, do not "scrub" the area, rather use light finger tip circular motions around the eye. My main suggestion is to just try a different routine to see if you can rule out the cause of the wrinkles. Perhaps some cleansing wipes made specifically for make-up removal would come in handy for you.

My 11 year old daughter says that she wants to wear eyeliner. All of her friends wear it and she says it would build up her self-esteem. I just want to know is it bad for your skin?

No, eyeliner is not bad for your skin. Just make sure that your daughter does not sleep in it and practices a good cleansing or make-up removal routine prior to going to sleep. Also advise her not to share her make-up with her friends. If the eyeliner becomes contaminated then it could cause some problems.

I wear hard contact lenses. I`ve noticed that when I wear eyeliner, as my eyes blink, a white, cloudy film goes over my contact lenses and I have to continuously take them out throughout the day ( like every 20 minuets), clean them and put them back in. So I just stopped wearing make-up. HELP!!! Is there a specific brand I can use that will solve this problem?

Here's how to minimize the chances of makeup irritating your eyes when you're wearing your lenses. Apply your make-up after inserting your lenses. You must use waterproof eye make-up and it must be hypo-allergenic. Do not apply eyeliner to the inner edge of the lid or above the lash line on the lower lid. Mascara should be used sparingly and only on the outer half of the lashes. Hair spray, deodorant, cologne, mousse, nail polish and nail polish remover should be used before inserting your lenses. Replace all eye makeup three months after opening and stop using any makeup that seems to be causing irritation or redness in your eyes.

The safety data sheet regarding Colosé eyeliner pencils and eyeliner liquids show no hazards and unlikely to be an irritant after extensive dermatologica testing. Colosé products use natural ingredients.

I have light skin, blue eyes, and darker blonde hair. I am wearing a red top, red and white skirt, and red shoes for graduation and I was wondering what shade of lipstick is appropriate. I have heard it is bad to match your lipstick to your shirt.

Most beauticians and cosmetic experts agree that lipstick should match your skin tone and hair color, not your clothes. Choose brown-tone colors if you favor yellowish or reddish colors. If you have lots of these colors (red, brown, plum) in your wardrobe, brown and earth tone lipsticks are for you!

Take a look at our preview newsletter that is due to come out the first week in June, entitled Red Is My Love. Here you will find suggestions for red lipsticks. You may want to try a tint of red lipstick with a lip gloss.

Personally, I find nothing taboo about red lipstick with a red top unless your skintone does not warrant any red. But, red is HOT now and I say go with it!

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