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Our Make-up Guru, Katrina VanDoran answers questions about make-up and skincare sent in by readers just like you! If you have a question, you can contact Katrina at

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On tonight`s 10years younger programme you mentioned a foundation to cover vitaligo. Can you please tell me what it is called.

We have had the most positive feedback from the Dermablend products in covering vitaligo. You should try the Dermablend Compact Cover Crème and/or Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation. There is a large selection of color shades to choose from. Both products can be found at

I`m looking for something that will give me the appearence of perfect skin. Something like they use in Hollywood. How can I achieve that look?

Colosé Cosmetics have been chosen for the past couple of years (out of several other cosmetic companies) as the makeup of choice for the Miss Finland Beauty Pageant. If you follow the Colosé skincare routine and use their cosmetics, you too will feel like a beauty contestant.

I am a person who puts on cosmetics everyday before I go out. I usually go swimming after shopping and dating with my boyfriend. If I have to put sunscreen on my face. Can I simply put the sunscreen on my face WITH make up? OR I MUST wash away the make up first?

You should get into the habit of applying sunscreen under your makeup. Use something like Colosé tinted suncream. It is a lightly tinted sun cream which gives a healthy appearance to the skin. It protects against ultraviolet A and B rays. It also contains Shea Butter which nourishes the skin. Colosé tinted suncream is suitable for all skin types and can be used as a makeup foundation.

I am an office procedures teacher and would like to know what I should tell students about makeup.

Makeup for a new office job should be kept light. A creamy foundation, concealer if needer, translucent powder, cream rouge, neutral eyeshadow and some mascara. Eyeliner should just be applied to the top lid only, if at all. Lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss can be used to finish the look. Colosé makeup is ideal for a fresh, young look.

What lipcolor is best for fair-beige skin?

One of my personal favorites is Bigarreau by Colosé


Lipsticks with brown undertones look good on everyone. Magazine pictures of models and stars all seem to be wearing this or a similar shade lately.

I have very dark blue eyes that it looks black. I`ve tried different eyeshadows & eyeliners, but nothing seems to work. Do you know any colors that would look good with natural auburn hair? Please help!

I find that tawny tones perk up blue eyes and lavender will also bring the blue out in your eyes. Colosé "Indien" duet eyeshadow has both of the colors you need. I also think that you should stay away from black eyeliner and mascara. Try a blue/grey mascara and either a grey or blue eyeliner pencil.

Hi, I have a long and fairly skinny nose with a slight bump on the top... its really does stick out.... what can I do to make it look fatter on the sides and shorter from the front and into a cute little nose? Exactly how do I apply darker shades to it without making it obvious?

First, before we get to your nose I want to suggest a hair style for you. You should wear your hair on the short to medium side so that you can style it to look full around your cheeks to just below your ears. This will go a long way to soften any chiseled features. Now to make your nose look wider you will want to keep the sides of the nose the exact same color foundation used on the nose itself. You can go a tad lighter, but do not go darker on the sides. You want to make sure there are no shadows on the sides of your nose, which makes the nose even appear thinner. Blend a darker color just under the nose and slightly over the tip which gives the illusion of a shorter nose. You can apply the darker shade with your finger tips. Makeup your eyes so that they draw attention away from your nose.

How do I line deep-set eyes so that I look awake?

With deep set eyes the eyelid crease is set back so the area from the base of the eye lashes to the brow bone seems hidden. To enhance deep-set eyes line both the upper and lower lids. Choose light shadows: pale pink, peach or beige. More intense shading on the brow bone also gives the eyes prominence.

Current Questions | 2 | 4


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