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Our Make-up Guru, Katrina VanDoran answers questions about make-up and skincare sent in by readers just like you! If you have a question, you can contact Katrina at

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I am African American with medium brown skin and would like to know what eye shadow and lipstick looks good on me? My eyes are kinda small and my lips are medium and have a natural line to them? Can you help?

You would select colors for an African American Warm Face. See our guide. For eye shadow you would look good in browns and golds such as Colosé Safari Gold duet eyeshadow or Donna Fujii Rainforest and Ginger. You should go with peachy colors on your cheeks, such as Gipsy and carmel shades on your lips. Use black mascara. You also have many more choices then the ones recommended here (these are my favorites though for African American skintone) Take a look at our Make Over Tips For Dark Skin. To make small eyes appear larger follow this tip, use a lighter color on your lid as this will make small eyes seem larger. Omitting eyeliner will also make small eyes appear larger.

How can I use makeup to decrease the look of a round face?

You need to fight the round with angles. The best way is to use blush to create shadows and angles. First the cheeks: Make a fish face--Yes a fish face-- place the blush right into the crevasse created by the fish face, no where else. If you put the blush on in a circular motion it will make your face rounder, so don't. Put the blush on in up and down strokes again along the imaginary crevasse you want to make.

The chin: very tough, but if you highlight the jaw line and neck with blush or bronzer this will accent the chin and make it more noticeable.

The eyes: Go with a light tone on the upper and lower lid and a darker tone in the middle using upward strokes, and produce an almost catlike look (angular) with out being too obvious.

Do you have any advice for brown hair and blue eyes?

Brown hair is an excellent contrast to blue eyes. In fact the best way to make blue eyes stand out is to use warm tones, mostly taupe, light brown, dark brown and orange tones. One way to stand out is to apply your make up with the light tones at the upper lid and lower lid and the dark tones in the middle or crease of your eye. Use a black eye liner and black mascara to help your eyes "Pop" out. Eye brow pencil in a light brown shade will help bring definition to the eye (I suggest you pluck your brows into a nice arch over your eyes, too). Colosé Eye Makeup

What can you do with brown hair? Lots. Adding a few highlights are a great way to change a look with out changing your hair style. If you have straight hair, try curly and if you have curly hair, try to straighten it. That would be a huge change and guaranteed to get the look you want. I suggest you try a few different things have fun and see what works best.

What makeup should I use for enlarged pores?

You need to use a skincare routine to decrease the size of your pores first. This must be your routine: 1) Cleanse morning and night using products that say they clean pores also use either a wash cloth or cleansing pad to scrub away excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells. 2) You must use toner. This will help clean out the pores thus reducing there size. 3) Use a mask once or twice a week to deeply clean out your pores. Once you have established a routine, over time (3-4 weeks) you should see the reduction of the size of your pores. Manufacturers have not created a make-up for large pores, but a concealer with a foundation and powder will help cover them. However, if you want to really solve the problem, you need to start a cleansing routine. If this doesn't work or you do not see results in 3-4 weeks, then you need to see a dermatologist for further treatment. Please read our article on acne.

My friend has this awesome red hair and we were wondering what the best kind of colors for make-up would be, but we don't want something bright something kind of natural?

Red hair is great and your friend has a lot of choices. The best is to stay natural and go with colors that compliment her skin tone and eye color.

Most red heads are fair so I will assume that your friend is too. I suggest natural blushes with a hint of either pink, brown, or orange depending on her eye color. If she has blue eyes, then the brown or orange tones for blush and eye shadow, this will help the blue stand out. If she has green eyes, then go with brown tones for blush and brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green for eye shadow. If she has brown eyes, go with champagne (soft pink with a touch of apricot) for blush and copper, bronze, brown, beige, and khaki-green for eye shadow. View Colosé eyeshadow.


Using lipliner has not gone out of style, but there are ways of lining them is passé. Thick, dark lipliner unrelated to your lipstick color is out. Defining your lips with a perfect line can change your entire look. Lipliner also helps to keep your lipstick in place, and prevents feathering. The proper lipliner, combined and blended with your favorite lipstick is the look of today. Start with a firm, sharpened lipliner pencil. Neutral colors work best - try brownish hues that closely match your complexion. Browns come in hues for all complexions: African-American, Latino, Asian and Caucasian. Your lipliner should not be more than one shade darker than your lipstick. Line the lips with small dots. Place two dots on the top lip at the two peeks directly under the nostrils. Place two dots on the lower lip directly under the two dots of the top lip. Place a dot at the corners of the mouth. Then connect all of the dots making sure to trace your lip line. Fill in the lips with pencil to give your lipstick a base and provide longer wear. Don't Use chubby pencils to line lips because they create a thick hard to manage line and remember that darker tones will enhance the size of your lips, while lighter shades will appear to minimize them.

I am a biracial teenager. fourteen to be exact. I am half mexican and half black. I would like to know what make up would be best for my skin. I do not have a dark complextion and I do not have a light complextion. I am a caramel color. Please help.

First you must look beyond your skintone to determine your under color. Caramel complexions usually have warm golden undertones. Choose shades that appear to be in your color range and complement your complexion's undertones. So, for a golden undertone you should select a foundation for light brown skintone such as Colosé Dore Foundation.
If you do not want to wear foundation, you can always start with a cream bronzing powder such as Colosé Terre de Soleil (Bronzant). Your skintone is such that you will look great in a wide range of colors. For eyeshadow select Donna Fujii Rainforest or Colosé Safari Gold. Your blush should be peach or apricot, mascara black and lipstick - you have several selections including Colosé Caramel lipstick shade. Read the Donna Fujii Makeup Guide for African American Warm face and also our beauty tips for dark skin.

My eyes are one double eye-lid and one single eye-lid. Can you give me some tips on eye make-up, especially eye shadow? I do not intend to turn the single eye-lid to a double eye-lid. Thank you.

To keep eyeshadow lasting longer use translucent loose powder before and after you apply eyeshadow. (Apply the loose powder very lightly after only if you are sure you will not smudge your eyes) To create the illusion of double eyelids, you should fill in the spaces between eyelashes by using a dark eyeliner on the upper lash line. This line should be very thin. On the lower lash line apply the eyeliner from the middle part toward the outer end so eyes appear larger. Do not apply the eyeliner so that the inner corners meet as this will make your eyes appear smaller. If your eyes are small, do not use any eyeliner on the bottom at all. Use a lighter eyeliner on the upper lid just above the thin darker eyeliner to highlight the lid between the nose and eyes. Use more than one shade of eyeshadow and blend well. If in doubt as to what colors to use, see our tips in our newsletter: CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO: Discovering Your Makeup Colors.

I am hoping you can help me I am 45 years old and I have very few wrinkles I have just a few up above my lip and a couple beside my eyes and I was hoping you could tell me some kind of make-up to use that would help cover that up the make-up I have doesn't work.

First I want to recommend an anti-wrinkle cream by Colosé Skincare called Creme Miracle. It is made especially for the area around the lips and eyes. It contains collagen and jojoba oil. It is a great moisturizing cream that should be applied before your foundation. This will decrease the appearance of those fine lines. Be sure that the foundations and concealers you use are creamy, not matte. Having the beginnings of fine lines at age 45 should inspire you to begin a daily facial care routine that includes using anti-aging creams such as creams containing liposomes, Co-enzyme Q10 and collagen. Soap dries out your skin so you should use a cleansing milk instead of soap. You will be very pleased with the results you will get from Colosé Skincare products.

HI! I have light colored skin. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I`m 15, and I don`t really know how to put on most makeup. I would like to know what makeup would look best on me, and how I should put it on. One more thing, what would be some simple things to put on daily, such as mascara and so on. Thank you so much!

We have some good basic makeup tips that you should read. Also read our article entitled CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO: Discovering Your Makeup Colors where most of your questions and concerns should be answered.

I have blond hair and blue eyes. If I wear violet and lavender eyeshadow what color eye liner should I use and how should I wear it? Should I put it on both the top and bottom of my eyes or only the bottom?

You should wear a charcoal grey eyeliner. Putting eyeliner on the bottom lid is a personal preference and if it looks good, then do it. When you apply eyeliner to the bottom lid, follow this tip: eyeliner on the bottom rim should only be applied 1/2 way from the middle towards the nose because allowing the upper and lower corners to meet makes the eyes look smaller. Colosé grey eyeliner.

I am a man and have very thick dark unwanted hair, is there any natural method which could make hair light, soft and unseen.

A natural method, though not as effective as a commercial bleaching agent, is to use a Lemon. Because of its acidic properties, using lemon is a very good way to bleach your hair. As a bleach, apply to your hair (even on skin) and expose it to the sun. Many people say to do it for 20-30 minutes. Whenever you use lemon in or on your hair, do it after you've applied oil as lemon can make the hair coarse if used alone. I know of no other ways to naturally make hair unseen unless you want to get into hair removal products.

Why do makeup experts always say not to wear eyeliner on the bottom lid? I always wear it and i think it looks really good and doesn`t look too heavy at all. I feel like I shouldn`t wear it when I read this but i don`t look good without eyeliner on my bottom`s like my eyes dissapear into my head without eyes are very big and blue and I have naturally black this a good combination for black eyeliner? I think I look ugly with eyeliner on my top lid but not my bottom lid...eyeliner on the bottom lid seems to make all the difference for me...I could not wear any other makeup and still look quite nice.

It is not true that makeup experts always say not to wear eyeliner on the bottom lid. If it looks good then by all means wear it. A lot of experts do agree though that eyeliner on the bottom rim should only be applied 1/2 way from the middle towards the nose because allowing the upper and lower corners to meet makes the eyes look smaller. Yes with your dark hair black eyeliner is a good color for you but you can also experiment with some other colors that go well with your eyeshadow and blue eye color.

I bought my mascara about 5 weeks ago and it has already started to dry up. Can I add water or oil to it?

Number one advice: Change Brands! Choose a mascara that has a thin brush, which means that the opening to the tube will be small and less air will get in. When air enters the tube, it dries out the mascara. Avoid pumping the mascara wand too vigorously during use. This allows air to get into the tube. Add one drop of water to the tube of dry mascara if necessary. It's not a great idea, but in an emergency, you will be able to get more out of the tube by using this trick.

How to choose the correct colour for eyeshadow?

The eyeshadow colors one chooses are based on skintone, eye color, hair color so I would need more information in order to answer your question. We have an excellent newsletter: Consumer's Guide to Makeup Colors that you should read to determine what colors are best for you.

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