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Our Make-up Guru, Katrina VanDoran answers questions about make-up and skincare sent in by readers just like you! If you have a question, you can contact Katrina at

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I am 58 years of age with very dry skin. My entire life, I have had problems with make-up. I have medium toned skin. Anything I use on my face, lips, eyes brows etc. always turns red. I look like an indian, which I am part of. I need a full coverage foundation, but it must be a true Beige. I can not have yellow, warm, or red tones. I am most concerned about the foundation which I really need. I had a dept store make up lady say " Try this, I guarantee it will not turn red." Within 5 minutes, I was red faced and the lady was totally amazed. I have put on beautiful pink lipstick only to have it turn red. One great thing about my skin, is I can wear perfume and it will change on me and last forever. I can shower and it still stays on. That`s the great advantage. Could you please recommend a good full coverage foundation? Thank you so much and your articles are great. I'm glad I found you.

I suggest you start with Colosé foundation, probably Dore. No one has ever complained that it turned their face red...but I do not want to sound like the department store lady! It is possible that if you do not have red discolorations on your face prior to using makeup that you may have an allergy to it. You also should use a skin cream everynight too. A good one for dry skin is our Cream Sensitive or even our Cream with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Should you decide to use our Dore foundation, please write back and let us know the results.

I'm am going to be 21 soon and every single person I meet that doesn't know me, thinks I'm only 16 or 17 years old. What can I do to make myself look my age?

Everywhere you look you read and see "how to look younger" but I am nearly 26 and don't look a day over fifteen, how can I make myself look ten years older rather then ten years younger?

It is very rare for us to receive a question on looking older (and now we receive two in one week). There is very little written on the subject. Looking sophisticated is what makes someone appear more mature. Make a jump from junior departments and stores to more contemporary, grown-up clothes. Buy better quality. Avoid wearing the most extreme versions of a trend. Choose a hair style that makes you look more mature. Other than that, just be patient and happy that you may have real good aging genes!

I'm going out tonight and want to apply eye shadow so it sexy and stands out like the cat walk models how do I do that?

Smoky Eyes Never Die. Smoky eye makeup is one of those eternal looks that always surfaces on all the runways. But it's so hard to get it to work if you're not some natural born make-up whiz! Look for a tapered eye brush that will give you a subtle look as opposed to a heavy handed one. And don't feel like it has to be a black smoky eye. Brown or rich berry tones are just as effective. First start with applying Colosť highlighter on uppler lids to eyebrows. Then follow with a light base color and place it over the entire eyelid. Place a medium shade at the lower lid and over your eyeliner (this helps keep your eyeliner in place and makes it more subtle). At the upper lid and almost into your eyebrows place the lightest shade/color. In the middle or crease of your eye place the darkest shade and blend to keep the three colors distinct but not obvious. See Colosť Eye Shadow Duets

I m aworking female and have to work in an office for 9 hours at a strech. I want my skin to look fresh all day long. Please.tell me what brand, type and shade of foundation I should wear. thanks

Brands such as Colosť, Almay, Lancome and Clinique have products that last longer because their ingredients are better and more refined. It is important to apply the make-up in a way that will aid in how long they last. I recommend you start with a foundation all over your face, lips and neck, use a concealer as necessary and the most important part-use a loose powder to set the base in place. Apply over your base the colors you like. Apply the loose powder again over your colors, lightly, to set those in place (including your lipstick). This will help you with a longer lasting look. Of course eating tends to remove lipstick, so you will need to reapply after lunch.

What color should I use of make up? I have brown eyes and brown hair and would black eye liner look good too?

Brown eyes look great in grey, plum and pink tones as well as golds and burnt oranges. Black eyeliner would look very nice with black mascara. You want to think of your eyeliner as an extension of your eye lashes, therefore, black is the most common and best color for defining your eyes and making them stand out. Try Orient, Safari Gold and Lagune eye shadow from Colosť as well as their black eye liner and mascara.

How can I pull off a gothic look if i have light brown hair and freckles? I would dye my hair black, but i think it would look weird because of all my freckles.

Black would look too harsh for your complexion. I would recommend trying a dark auburn color for your hair (try a wash out, non-permanate hair solution, found at any drug store). You can still pull off the gothic look with that color, then apply a slightly lighter than your skin tone foundation and loose powder. Apply an auburn or brown lipstick and use a medium brown and dark brown eye shadow, such as Safari Gold by Colosť. Stay with a black eyeliner and mascara.

How can you make a round face look slimmer? How do you make a nose look slimmer? How do you make your lips look fuller?

You can make a round face look slimmer by placing blush where the hollow of your check should be (you can find it if you make a fish face!!) and use a back and forth motion with the brush, not circular as that would make your face look fuller.

You can make your nose look slimmer by using two different shades of foundation or concealer that are close to your skin tone and when blended match your skin tone. Place the darker shade at the side of your nose (and slightly onto cheek) and the lighter shade on the tip or bridge of your nose. Blend the two shades together on the side of your nose. Use a loose powder to set the foundation or concealer in place.

You can make your lips look fuller by using a lip liner and placing it at the outer edge of your lips. Pick a liner that is close to your lip color like Grenat from Colosť Cosmetics. Blend the liner to the center of your lip to avoid a harsh edge and follow up with a favorite lipstick in a color slightly darker or the same shade as the lipliner. Praline from Colosť is an excellent choice.

What are more eye-shadow colors that can go with dark color skin and dark brown eyes?

I recommend you try to go with purple or plums, or charcoal or smoke, or even a cocoa or dark brown as the color in the crease of your eye. You will need a shade lighter for the upper lid to the eyebrow and a medium shade for the lower lid near the eyelashes. Pick three shades in the same color family and blend them for a smooth, sultry look. Use your favorite base shadow for all over and then try Onyx, Orient or Lagune from Colosť Cosmetics.

What helps get rid of vertical lip lines? What is the best things to do for the mouth area?

Believe it or not, for a quick fix, you can fill the lip lines with a wax type product such as lip balm. Place your favorite lipstick over the wax. To reduce the appearance of lip lines over time, you need to use an anti-aging product that helps to firm up the skin and prevent the deterioration in elasticity around the lips. I recommend Cream Miracle from Colosť Skin Care and Cosmetics. This cream contains Collagen, which maintains skin firmness and Jojoba Oil, which protects from dryness. Apply in the morning and evening in a massaging motion around your lips. Cream Miracle is also excellent for around the eyes and neck.

Why are you guys so stupid about this make-up stuff? Jeez, just go out naturally...your true beauty! Guys probably like girls with less then 45 tons of make-up on! Why not try it?

Apparently this question was sent in by a gentleman reader...It isn't stupid to want to feel better about the way you look. Make-up enhances a women's natural beauty. It is fine to go out naturally, however, some women want to even out their complexion and enhance certain features. I'm sure most women do this for themselves and not for men. We do not advocate "girls" wearing 45 tons of make-up.

How do I keep my foundation from melting?

You need to set your foundation with a loose powder to keep it from smearing or "melting" off of your face. Of course excessive sweating like during a work out will tax most foundations.

What color of lipstick and eye shadow would you recommend if I have brown hair and brown eyes?

I recommend the peach family for brown hair and brown eyes. I would extend that family to include apricots, bronze or copper, beige, tangerine and some pinks. I would suggest these colors for both lipstick and eye shadow. The eye shadow will need two-three shades/colors for the right application. The lipstick should be a match to your skintone with a hint of the peach or bronze/copper family. Colosť make-up colors that would work for you include, Eyeshadow: Savane, Indien, Marron and Orient. The lipsticks that would work best for you include: Mandarine, Praline, Caramel, Corail and Orchidee.

I really need some tips on the proper way to apply eye shadow. I usually use like 3 colors but I have trouble making it look good. Any tips would be helpful. Please help me!

Three eye shadow colors are best and you can apply them in two different styles. Try both and see which works best for you.

Style One: Take a light base color and place it over the entire eyelid to even out the natural color of your eyelid. Place a medium shade at the lower lid and over your eyeliner (this helps keep your eyeliner in place and makes it more subtle). At the upper lid and almost into your eyebrows place the lightest shade/color. In the middle or crease of your eye place the darkest shade and blend to keep the three colors distinct but not obvious.

Style Two: Take a light base color and place it over the entire eyelid. Place a dark shade at the lower lid in a half circle at the base of your eye (right in the middle, so the lower middle of eye). Blend with a medium color in the crease and outer edges of your eye.

Apply your favorite mascara last!

How can I make my eyelashes grow longer or fuller?

I have not heard of any products that actually work. Of course, there are a lot of products claiming they work, but there isn't any proof. You can apply different types of Mascara's to enhance what you already have, but most likely it's your genetics that have set the length of your eyelashes.

What color eye shadow goes with bright green eyes and brown hair?

Green eyes are most flattered by golds and yellows. Also great are beige and light browns. These are all contrast colors and should help your green eyes stand out. I recommend the following eye shadow shades by Colose Cosmetics: Safari Gold, Silver Gold, Savane, and Marron. To compliment your green, try Sahara.

If I have stronger upper jaw and bigger frontal teeth should I wear lighter or darker lipstick and which color better suits me?

A lighter lipstick, or a lipstick in a tone that blends with the tone of your skin is the best choice for you. You want to minimize the appearance of the lip, so avoid reds and dark colors. Pinks, mauves, and corals are best.

I wear a white high necked shirt to work every day, is there anything that will keep my makeup from coming off on my shirt?

Unfortunately there are no products that stay on your face that won't rub off. I would suggest that you apply your make-up as usual and then take a dark cloth and rub off the excess make-up. This will prevent the make-up from rubbing onto your shirt.

How can I keep my eye shadow from coming off?

Before and after applying your eye shadow, use a loose transparent powder.

Hi, I'm Asian and have very short, sparse eyelashes, especially on the bottom. Is there any way to make my top and bottom lashes longer? Also, I've heard about certain products that are supposed to make your lashes grow longer and thicker. Do they really work?

There are no products on the market that are proven to make lashes grow longer and thicker. You can try different Mascara's, that when applied, make your lashes look longer or look thicker.


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