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The Darker Side of Skin Lighteners
by Katrina VanDoran, Beauty Consultant - Make-up USA



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Bothered by freckles? Skin discoloration? Or do you simply want to have fairer skin?

At best over the counter products may just return your skin to the color you were born with. I doubt if they can get you fairer than that.

"Fairer, radiant skin", "A healthy and lovely complexion..." these are some of the claims made by skin-lightening products. But the real effects can be anything but healthy and lovely. Skin lighteners are used to lighten the skin. Most contain a bleaching agent, hydroquinone, also found in some hair dyes. Hydroquinone inhibits the production of melanin and, over time, can lighten the skin.

But at what expense?
Melanin protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun so to inhibit its production can leave you vulnerable to skin cancer. Also, with a decrease of melanin and sun exposure, your skin can turn blotchy and even darker than it originally was.

Skin lighteners should contain no more than two per cent hydroquinone, and should carry extensive warnings, such as apply to small areas. Many dermatologists think that even two per cent hydroquinone can be dangerous because the amount absorbed into the skin depends principally on how often and how long you apply them.

My advice would be to use products that do not contain any hydroquinone. With all the advances in technology there are now some really effective products to choose from. If you do not have well defined areas to bleach, then you will want to use a skin brightener that is safer to use in more widespread areas. Use products based upon botanical ingredients such as Kojic Acid. Peter Thomas Roth Potent Botanical Skin Brightening Gel Complex & SkinCeuticals Phyto+ are examples of this.

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